It Started With…

It started with one frustrated writer who had stacks of resource books and helpful links. Over time, the writer collected their favourite descriptive terms and phrases in a large document they could reference any time they needed inspiration.

One day, the writer said, “Hey! I like to help people and I can code a website!”. The first attempt was sad and easily forgotten by its author. The second turned out better, but the layout didn’t work well with their existing website. Eventually, it came over here – requiring them to think of a name for a new blog, create a logo, and retype a whole tonne of work they’d already done. It was shiny and new however (and significantly better than before), and that made the writer happy.

shonna_white_author_artist_gamerThat person is Shonna White, who – at this time – is valiantly plugging along, trying to break into the world of successful writers with the series Lost Infernal. If you ever ask her for opinion on this, prepare to hear words that would make soldiers and bikers alike blush.

Shonna is known across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as ShonnaTheWhite – Writer, gamer, artist, and otherwise GIANT GEEK. Learn more about her there (each account is used for wildly different things), or at


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