Describe it: Shades of Yellow

Just because a colour name exists, doesn’t mean it will translate well into your writing. Generally, people will know dandelion yellow as they’ve likely seen dandelions before (my lord, they are EVERYWHERE). People are less likely to know what you mean if you use Mikado Yellow. Another thing to watch out for is if it makes sense in context. “His teeth were the colour of corn”, is probably not doing your work justice.
Below, we’re going to include colour names that flow with writing only. If you think I’ve missed something, or you have a great idea for another description, provide it in the comments section.

Yellow Hair Colours (blonde)

Golden (light, medium, or dark), ash blonde, champagne blonde, honey, platinum, natural blonde, sandy, caramel blonde, strawberry blonde, dark blonde, beige, peroxide blonde, fair-haired, flaxen, straw-coloured, bleached, sun-bleached, sun-kissed, Amber, brassy, wheat blonde, wheat blonde sandy

Shades of Yellow That (Likely) Won’t Confuse People

In no particular order, because no one is going to sort this every time a good suggestion comes up.

Note: yellows can also closely tie with colours such as brown, orange, and green.

*note: colour representations below are an approximation based off available web colours

Canary Yellow Cream Amber
Banana Yellow Brass Citrine
Corn Daffodil Dandelion
Flax Fluorescent Yellow Maize
Mustard Yellow Pastel Straw
Golden Rod Sand Chiffon

Other Descriptions

Have some? Let us know in the comments section!

Longer Descriptions

Have some? Let us know in the comments section!

Symbolism of This Colour

Happiness Hope Positivity
Caution Sickness (jaundice) Energy
Joy Cowardice Warmth
Bravery (Japan) Cheerfulness Optimism
Jealousy (Germany) Wealth (Multiple Countries) Wisdom (Buddhism)

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