Describe it: Shades of Red

Not All Descriptions Are Equal

Just because a colour name exists, doesn’t mean it will translate well into your writing. Generally, people will know cherry red as they’ve likely seen cherries before. People are less likely to know what you mean if you use Alizarin red. Another thing to watch out for is if it makes sense in context. “His hair was as red as fresh, summer rhubarb”, is not something you’re going to want to include in your work.
We’re going to include colour names that flow with writing only. If you think I’ve missed something, or you have a great idea for another description, provide it in the comments section.

Red Hair Colours

Amber, Auburn, Rusty, Copper, Mahogany, Reddish-Brown, Fiery orange

Shades of Red That (Likely) Won’t Confuse People

In no particular order, because no one is going to sort this every time a good suggestion comes up.

Note: reds can also closely tie with colours such as brown, pink, orange, and purple.

Apple Auburn Blood
Burgundy Candy Apple Cardinal
Carmine Cranberry Crimson
Currant Dark Candy Apple Red Dark Cherry Red
Dark Red Dark Scarlet Fire Engine Red
Garnet Mahogany Red Maroon
Raspberry Red Wine Rose
Ruby Scarlet Strawberry

Other Descriptions –

Sangria, Fiery, Berry, Lipstick, Barn

Longer Descriptions

Have some? Let us know in the comments section!

Symbolism of This Colour

Love Passion Anger
Heat Sexuality Power
Strength Danger Action
Fire Good Luck (China) Fortune (China)
Energy (Hindu) Creativity (Hindu) Leadership

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