Describe it: Shades Of Green

Not All Descriptions Are Equal

Just because a colour name exists, doesn’t mean it will translate well into your writing. Generally, people will know fern green as they’ve likely seen a fern before. People are less likely to know what you mean if you use  Cal Poly Green. Another thing to watch out for is if it makes sense in context. “She was transfixed by his asparagus green eyes”, is not something you’re going to want to include in your work.
We’re going to include colour names that flow with writing only. If you think I’ve missed something, or you have a great idea for another description, provide it in the comments section.

Shades of Green That (Likely) Won’t Confuse People

In no particular order, because no one is going to resort this every time a good suggestion comes up.

Note: greens can also closely tie with colours such as yellow, blue, and brown.

Dark Green Fern Green Forest Green
Laurel Light Green Moss (Mossy) Green
Mint Green Myrtle Green  Dark Mossy Green
Pine Green Tea Green (Green Tea) Teal
Olive Green Dark Olive Aquamarine
Chartreuse Sea Green Lime Green
Pale Green Apple Green Emerald Green
Army green Bright / Neon Green Hunter Green
Jade Pastel Green

Other Descriptions

Earthy Green, Cypress Green, Evergreen, shamrock green, leaf green, jewel green, peacock green, ivy green

Longer Descriptions

Have some? Let us know in the comments section!

Symbolism of This Colour

Sickness Nature Money
Jealousy Renewal Finance
Greed Growth Wealth
Eternal Life (Japan) Freshness Banks
Paradise (Islam) Spring  Fertility

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