Describe It: Anger


A strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.

Synonym Strength


These are just some of the words that can be used to describe anger. For more, go to the page for Anger.


Intermittent Explosive Disorder: This type of disorder can be difficult to diagnose due to it sharing characteristics with other conditions, including Bi-Polar Disorder. The anger is compulsive and often disproportionate to the stimulus. It involves repeated and spontaneous outbursts of aggressive or violent behaviour, physical or verbal. Learn more about Intermittent Explosive Disorder in the Harvard Health Publications (Harvard Medical School) here:



Related looks: stare, glare, scowl, glower

They gazed intently Eyes narrowed Dripped with spite
Scorching / heated glare Piercing stare Studied them with unforgiving judgement
Keep-your-mouth-shut glare Turned a cold eye on Blazing murderously
Study with a critical squint Eyes sharpening Withering Stare
Warning glare Sneer down their nose Crazed look
Implacable expression Eyes bulging from their sockets Eyes glowed with savage fire
Venomous little eyes Eyes cold and proud Turn a cold eye on
Regard critically Unwavering glare holding them in place Icy stare bored into them, making it hard not to back away


Pressed their lips together in anger Lips grew thin with anger Mouth thinning with displeasure
Mouth was tight and grim The line of his mouth tightened a fraction more Mouth twisted with threat
Mouth twisted wryly Lips curled with disgust Mouth pinched shut as though holding back what they really wanted to say
Top lip pulled up on one side Mouth crimps Mouth quirks in annoyance
Tightens into a stubborn line Mouth contorted grotesquely Smile maliciously / wickedly
Teeth grinding Lips pursed by suppressed fury Mouth formed into an unpleasant twist
Lips pulled back to expose clenched teeth

Jaw / Neck

Jaw thrust forward with indignation Square jaw tensed visibly Muscles along their jaw clenched
Muscle flicked angrily at their jaw The tensing of their jaw betrayed their deep frustration Jaw clenched
Ridges of their neck became dangerously pronounced Cracked their neck in preparation for a fight Veins in their neck standing out in livid ridges
Rolled their neck to relieve the building tension


Nostrils flared Cheeks flamed with anger Mouth clamped and eyes fixed
Expression turned brisk and business-like Face flushing in rage Face turns red then purple
Spasm of irritation crosses their face Grows scarlet and swollen from shouting Face hot and pinched with resentment
Predatory expression Face lit with bitter triumph A cloud of warning settled over their features
Anger on their face becoming an effigy of contempt

Body Language / Behaviour

Muscles stiffened Shoulders took on a predatory bow Body shaking with rage
Breath growing thin and ragged Arms crossed tightly across the chest Grabbed their arm with ruthless pressure
Waved them away dismissfully Fists clenched and ready for a fight Puff up with self-importance
Punched the wall as the rage overwhelmed them Slammed their hands down on the table Fingers tapping in a furious beat
Gripped the steering wheel until their knuckles turned white Threw their hands up, exasperated Nails dug into their crossed arms
Stood, ready to take control to ease the chaos Cracked their knuckles loudly Acted like life had tricked somehow

Internal Reactions

Grew hot Stomach clenched with the force of their restraint Held back screams of frustration
Developed tunnel-vision Rush of adrenaline made it hard to think

Impact On Mind

Poor decision-making skills Impulsivity May become violent
Makes it hard to think Becoming hyper-focussed


Relevant forms of walking: strode, stalked, stomped, marched, pace, tramped, barge, thundered

Paced the room, ready to burst out of it at a second’s notice Footsteps thundered down the hall Wheeled around, eyes full of censure


Relevant ways of speaking: barked, snapped, raged, thundered, growled, howl, snarled, yelled, bellowed, muttered, grumbled, spat, spew, cried, hiss, fume, Shriek, scream, sputter, seethe, grunt, huff, boomed, sniff

He barked with the authority of a man who was not to be crossed Grind out the words between clenched teeth Stammer with rage
Spit out the words Spewed with malicious glee Mutter furiously under their breath
Spoke with grave deliberation Uttered with bitter resentment Voice raised and octave
Thick with insinuation Degenerated into a guttural rasp Ascended into a murderous falsetto
Dripped with spite Voice became cool / icy Choking on words
Said with the certainty of someone who would never be satisfied Their voice hardened ruthlessly Their tone was cold and disapproving
Their words were cold and exact Their asked spacing the words evenly Their tone became chilly
Their voice was stern with no vestige of sympathy in its hardness A thread of warning in their voice Their voice was heavy with sarcasm
The greeting contained a strong suggestion of reproach They commented as though the answer were obvious Voice staggering in it’s venom
Voice became frenzied Every word ground out, becoming more hoarse than the one before Bellowed ferociously
Tingled with menace Voice turned thin and cruel Voice became strained
Bellowed ferociously Degenerating into a guttural rasp Words tinged with menace
Voice rose hysterically Edge of impatience creeping into their tone Ground out in strangled tones
Cried in ragged bursts Screamed with exasperation

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